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The Black Adder Pub opened in 2013 on what would become one of the busiest sidewalks downtown Rhodes.
A modern Pub in the heart of the city,named after the British TV show “Blackadder”. The ideal spot for people to meet, eat, drink, listen to music and of course,communicate!
All of the above in a minimal&industrial ambience and with an ongoing buzzing vibe is exactly what its owner Ioannis Papadigkas aka Doctor had in mind when he envisioned a Pub on the island of Rhodes.
With its Modern Cuisine and multi-ethnic dishes,a rich variety of wine labels carefully selected to match every dish and unique House Cocktails named after the Blackadder series characters, from Breakfast early in the morning to Dinner in the evening, all you have to do it is let us take you on a new gastro journey, experiencing The Black Adder Pub for yourselves!









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We consider our gastropub’s food to be “honest”. International cuisine with many influences and without restrictions. Our food reflects our image, our concept and our essence, and in turn through our customer’s satisfaction and pleasure we aim for constant improvement. The pub’s cuisine aspires to have character and attitude when presenting new dishes and recipes daily. Freshly baked handmade bread, deserts and salads give a new dimension of meaning to the term “fast food”, while delicately balancing traditional and contemporary, rustic and creative traits. The small but never insufficient menu with daily dishes will change your view of menus with limited choices. Our kitchen Chef is adamant about offering only extraordinary flavours.

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We pride ourselves in the quality and variety of our music avoiding anything labeled as “mainstream only”.
Music is passion and passion is music. That’s the only recipe that works for us!
Our resident DJs performing every night after 20:00 are: Michael Varnas, Loukas Toumbakis, Savvas Aggelou, Ioannis Papadigkas, George Chatzigeorgiou (The National Noise Conspiracy) and Vicky Antonara

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The Black Adder Pub is a modern pub which features alcoholic beverages from all over the world. With a wide range of draft beers and cocktails that are inspired by the character names of the British tv series “Blackadder” and whose style and mood change with each passing season.

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The Black Adder Pub